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Updated - January 24th, 2023

This « Cookies Policy » aims to inform you and to meet the requirements of the updated so-called « Informatique et libertés » law and of the General Data Protection Regulation pertaining to the use of cookies by inov3PT.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small file downloaded to the user's computer, tablet or other mobile device when accessing the Site. It contains information that identifies each time the User visits the site. The user is informed that her/his browser can be configured so as to be warned before accepting cookies and that she/he has the option of refusing them by blocking them in his browser.

Use of cookies by the wix platform

This site is hosted on the wix platform. Wix uses cookies for important reasons, including to:

  • Offer an optimal experience to visitors and customers.

  • Monitor and analyze the performance, operation and efficiency of the Wix platform.

  • Guarantee the security of the platform and the safety of its use.

Who rights do I have ?

Article 32 II of the French data privacy law (“Loi Informatique et Libertés”) of 6 January 1978 requires that:

Any subscriber or user of an electronic communication service shall be informed in a clear and comprehensive manner by the data controller or its representative, except if already previously informed, regarding:

  • the purpose of any action intended to provide access, by means of electronic transmission, to information previously stored in their electronic connection terminal device, or to record data in this device;

  • the means available to them to object to such action.

Such access or recording may only be carried out provided that the subscriber or user has explicitly expressed, after receiving said information, their agreement that may result from appropriate parameter settings in their connection device or any other system under their control.

These provisions shall not apply if the access to data stored in the terminal device of the user or the recording of information in the terminal device of the user is:

  • either exclusively intended to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means; or

  • strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at the user’s express request.

In summary, you have two rights: 

  • to consent to the use of cookies;

  • to deactivate some or all cookies.


User consent is not required for:

So-called “mandatory” cookies, when they are required for the digital environment operation (technical use cookies).

On the contrary, consent is required for cookies:

  • Related to targeted ad campaigns;

  • Related to audience tracking campaigns;

  • Generated by share buttons redirecting to various social networks.

Consent is therefore required for any cookie that allows user behavior tracking.

Since we use the two types of cookies, we have decided to ask for your consent.

The cookies policy is an informational document. It does not need to be consented to, it is your responsibility take note of it.  On the contrary, the use of some cookies is dependent upon your consent.

This consent is formalized, per CNIL requirement, by:

  • An informational banner;

  • An “accept” button on said banner

  • The option to click on the link to have access to this full policy.

How can I desactivate/adjust cookie settings ?

If you wish, you can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer. To do this, you must configure your browser options or adapt the privacy options of your computer. Note that refusing to install a cookie may make it impossible to access certain services.

To do so, each browser has its own specificities, settings are relatively easy to adjust through their respective help menus, for example :

On Google Chrome®:  ;

On Internet Explorer®: ;

On Mozilla Firefox®: ;

On Opera®:

On Safari®:

On Microsoft Edge®:

How long is my data stored ?

Wix meets the CNIL's requirements in terms of cookie storage duration.

It considers the consent to cookie installation for 13 months starting from the date of consent.

Evolution of this policy

This policy may be modified or adjusted at any time in case of changes in legislation, case law, in decisions or recommendations from the CNIL, or changes in custom.

Any new revision to this policy will be made available to users online and will replace the previous version.

General information on personnel data protection

For any general information on personal data protection, you may visit the CNIL website: . specifically

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