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Conference venue

WELCOME TO THE 'Université des Compagnons du Tour de France' IN ARRAS !

The 'Université des Compagnons du Tour de France' in Arras offers training in the various building trades. Supervised and supported by experienced professionals, trainees-apprentices carry out their projects themselves and are responsible for their future through their tenacity and perseverance.

What is 'Compagnionship ?'


Present in France and Europe for at least 8 centuries, companionship is an original way to train for a real job. The Companions who took part in the construction of the cathedrals, the Eiffel Tower, are today at the forefront of the most modern achievements and participate in the restoration of prestigious works and in major contemporary projects. 

The organizing committee chose this place both for the working environment it offers, its proximity to the city centre, the train station and the hotels. We hope you will like this place. 












Here are some pictures (© inov3PT) of the different spaces we will occupy for the section meeting.

More information about the University, click here

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