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Visits will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 5 September.

Professional visit

1/Comité Nord Plants de Pomme de Terre

The first visit will take place at the Comité Nord Plants de Pomme de Terre, one of the three French associations of seed potato producers, based in Achicourt near Arras.

The visit will consist of a tour of the various laboratories (bacteriology, mycology, nematology, virology and variety identification) as well as the experimental platform (depending on what there is to see !).

For more information, please visit the website here











A presentation of inov3PT, the Agricultural Technical Institute for seed potatoes, will be given, followed by a presentation of the research and developement activities at the Achicourt site.

Comité Nord Plants de Pomme de Terre

Sightseeing tour

Then we will visit the city of Arras. You will have the chance to admire the two emblematic squares of the city of Arras, climb to the top of the belfry and taste regional products in a very unusual setting !

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